Information for Healthcare Providers

EMD Serono, Canada is committed to providing neutral and objective information about the products available on the market to health care professionals. The information contained herein is intended only to assist health care professionals in forming their own conclusions and making decisions, and may not represent a comprehensive listing of all available publications on the subject. The views and opinions expressed by the authors of the referenced studies do not necessarily represent the opinion of EMD Serono, Canada. Neither does internal data submitted from the product safety reports necessarily reflect a conclusion by EMD Serono, Canada that such reports constitute an admission that the drug caused or contributed to an adverse event.

Below Health Care Professionals will find prescribing information pertaining to EMD Serono, Canada’s marketed products. The information in these documents is intended only for residents of Canada. If you are unable to find your desired information or locate the referenced medical literature, click here to contact our medical information department.